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Logan Moody began working on stencil art in 2006 while living in Auckland, New Zealand. Mainly working with simple one colour stencils, he began to slowly develop his style toward a more photo-realistic look, focusing on getting as much detail as possible and his overall technique and style.


In 2008 Logan held his first solo exhibition at the Growroom Gallery in Auckland. The show was a huge success, selling out and at the same time managing to clear the large back catalogue of work he had laying around the house.


In 2009 Logan moved to what he considered the stencil capital of the world; Melbourne, Australia. While originally making the move in order to push his career working on live sports broadcasts, the change also showed a new line of opportunities for his stencil work. The urban environment Melbourne provided became the focus for Logan’s work, and he began using these new surroundings as his inspiration, often taking walks through the city photographing the everyday life to later work into a stencil artwork.


Since moving to Melbourne, Logan has taken part in numerous group shows, published a book of photography, and has been creating work for people all over the world.


Logan continues to explore Melbourne’s beautiful urban environment, and has been lucky enough to travel the world as part of his work, providing even more opportunities to explore other urban surroundings. He is always looking for new opportunities to create stencil art, photography, and working behind the scenes on live television broadcasts.


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Previous exhibitions

2015 - Stencil Art Prize Finalist

2013 - Stencil Art Prize Finalist

2012 - Stencil Art Prize Finalist

2011 - BSG Art Prize Finalist

2011 - Brunswick Street Gallery - "Urban Art Throw Up"

2011 - Brunswick Street Gallery - "Urban Art 11A"

2010 - Sweet Streets Festival

2010 - Brunswick Street Gallery - "Urban Art 10A"

2009 - Melbourne Stencil Festival

2008 - Growroom Gallery (Auckland, NZ) - "Paper Cuts" (solo)